Why do I collect? That's easy... because it's so much fun! Ever since I can remember I have been going to flea markets, antique shops, yard sales, you name it. Wherever I could find some sort of interesting treasure or cool piece of junk! I love driving around in search of new places or revisiting my favorite spots. I come from a family of collectors and have lived amongst antiques and collectibles my whole life. I have a passion for decorating especially with things that I find in my travels or even things found in the trash... which by the way can be some of the best stuff! But for those who share the same passion, I don't have to tell you... you all know what fun it is and how addicting it can be! Here I will share my collections, interesting finds, decorating tips, photos, projects, friends collections and thoughts and whatever else I may find along the way.



... And yes, I collect vintage Madonna planters too! This collection had been packed away in boxes for a long time because I haven't found the right piece of furniture to display them yet. I was visiting a friend who has a really cool collection of vintage religious stuff and I was inspired to unpack some of my favorites and display them on a small corner shelf for now. This collection was also featured in a cool art exhibit at one time called In The Eyes Of... the show featured religious artwork chosen from various collections and my Madonna's were displayed on high ledges that went all around the gallery. It was very cool!


  1. wow, quite a collection! though i see a lot of religious artwork, i never pick it up because i'm very anti-religion + i always think they must hold some bad energy. maybe i'm kooky ;)

    xo, jessica

  2. I see a lot of it too and am very tempted to buy it only I barely have room for this collection... My friend has dedicated a bathroom in his house to his religious collection and it's amazing. Not only does he have planters like mine but tons of other cool vintage stuff as well. I love it. And I'm not religious at all either but there's just something about this stuff... could be creepy but I'm hoping it all comes with good vibes!! FUN!!


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