Why do I collect? That's easy... because it's so much fun! Ever since I can remember I have been going to flea markets, antique shops, yard sales, you name it. Wherever I could find some sort of interesting treasure or cool piece of junk! I love driving around in search of new places or revisiting my favorite spots. I come from a family of collectors and have lived amongst antiques and collectibles my whole life. I have a passion for decorating especially with things that I find in my travels or even things found in the trash... which by the way can be some of the best stuff! But for those who share the same passion, I don't have to tell you... you all know what fun it is and how addicting it can be! Here I will share my collections, interesting finds, decorating tips, photos, projects, friends collections and thoughts and whatever else I may find along the way.



What can I say, I LOVE creamers! Shown here is just a sampling of my collection. This group is displayed in an old Pepsi Cola crate. A great way to showcase small collectibles. Many are marked Shenango China, New Castle, PA; Carr China, W. VA; Scammell's, Trenton; Jackson China, Falls Creek, PA and others. These were popular makers of restaurant china, which by the way is something else I collect and will feature soon!


  1. I love collecting restaurantware, but limit my collection to pieces from British Columbia, Canada. Could you tell me more about the creamer in row 3, column 5? Is it "Hotel Sunset", and can you tell me the marks on the bottom? Thanks!

  2. Hi Dennis... In response to your question about the creamer HOTEL SUNSET... this is from Toronto... it's marked on the bottom WOODLAND & SONS ENGLAND and what looks like SWANS KENT & Co, TORONTO. I checked out your blog... Beautiful collection!!

  3. I also collect restaurant creamers. Handleless only. Do you sell your creamers through your Etsy store?

    1. Hi... I sometimes do... and also sell on ebay. I have 2 available for sale right now that I was going to list. One is from the US Army Medical Dept and the other is a nice flower design. I can email you pics if you are interested...

    2. Actually I have the US Medical creamer. I think several LOL! And the flower design sounds nice, but I try to limit myself to designs that have a business name or specific design. I tell myself this will limit my buying, not true! I have over 400 creamers!! I have one like your Hotel Sunset. I love the Canadian pieces, they aren't very common. I've been rearranging my displays. You might enjoy visiting the Restaurant Ware Collectors Network. It's a fabulous RW collecting site. I'm pretty sure Dennis is a member as well. Please keep me in mind if you get any design specific creamers you want to part with.



    3. LOL... I have several of those too! And wow, 400 creamers!! I'd love to see pictures of your displays! I probably have about 100 with no handles and then more small ones with handles. I love restaurant china! I will check out the website! THANKS!


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